Organic Soap Refill

Organic Soap Refill System by Got Green Soap

Organic Soap Refill System by Got Green Soap

Is your business looking for a refillable soap dispenser? Got Green Soap company offers our  foam soap in an easy gallon refill option! This simple to use idea is long-lasting and provides cost savings for busy “day-to-day” janitorial operations.

How Does An Organic Soap Refill Save Time & Money?

  • Organic Soap refill offers 128oz of 100% natural, organic foam formula
  • Got Green Organic Spearmint Soap doubles as a “leave-on” sanitizer
  • Organic Soap Gallon refill option decreases plastic bottle waste
  • System allows you to refill with ease
  • Saves on labor
  • Battery-free, refillable soap dispenser
  • Safe for the environment and 100% plant-based 
  • A vegan & gluten free eco-friendly soap

    Organic Soap Refill

Bulk Organic Soap Refill System – Tell Me More:

Typically, an 8oz foam soap is anywhere from $5-$10 dollars or more. However, when you purchase Got Green Organic Soap refill gallons, you not only save money but the price per refill decreases. There are 16, 8oz refills within the Organic Soap Gallon, so you end up with 9,600 pumps per gallon. This takes the price “per refill” to $3.74, making Got Green Soap ideal for saving money while washing safe and organically!

Other Benefits of Got Green’s Organic Soap Refill System Include:

  • Got Green Soap is tested to last 2-3X longer than any other foam soap on the market. If you currently replace your soap refills weekly, you will be replacing Got Green monthly! 

  • You can discontinue the use of your bathroom air freshener because with each “pump” the Got Green essential oils absorb odor causing bacteria. This allows for a natural, non-toxic “air freshener” alternative. 

  • The Spearmint-Lime formula can be used “water-free” as a leave-on product.

Organic Soap Refill

Contact Us today at to find out more about our Organic Soap refill plan!

gluten free soap

Gluten Free Soap | Got Green Soap

Gluten Free Soap – A Gluten Free Foam Soap for Your Family!

If you are looking for a wonderful and safe gluten free soap, Got Green Soap is your answer!

Why is a Gluten Free Soap Important for Someone Who is Gluten Free?

Many soap products are not only made with toxic chemicals but also produced using wheat enzymes. If you are gluten sensitive and use a soap containing these ceramide wheat ingredients, this can absorb into the skin and cause a reaction. It’s important to use a gluten free soap to protect the health of someone who is a celiac or someone who has developed a wheat allergy.

Besides a Gluten Free Soap, What Else Should You Look for In A Healthy Soap?

Plant Based Ingredients are Important! Using a plant-based soap is safer for your health and also contains vitamins and essential minerals. Let’s not forget, that soap absorbs into the skin on a daily basis so it’s important to use a gluten free soap that is organic as well. Using a pure soap helps our planet in a big way by reducing the use of chemicals and helping to produce less energy.

gluten free soap

What are some other benefits of using a gluten free soap?
• Got Green soap is made with vegetable glycerin and shea butter which keep the hands soft
• Gluten free soap contains natural fats like olive and coconut oils
• Natural soaps have fewer side effects to the body and your health
• Ingredients for a healthy, gluten free soap are more sustainable to foster
• Plant-based soaps contain all natural preservatives
Natural ingredients keep us looking young

To try our Got Green gluten-free soap, hop over to our shop page! You may also watch our videos online to hear more about our products and gluten free “green” mission!

Have any questions? Write to me

Remove Soap Scum

Remove Soap Scum FAST! | Bon Ami Cleaner

Remove Soap Scum Fast! Here’s how…

Have you ever had trouble removing soap scum from your shower? What about toothpaste build-up on the bathroom sink? Most organically based products or even chemically-based soaps can create a slight build-up over time if not cleaned on a daily basis. Here are my tips to remove soap scum…

Why is it important to clean your restaurant or gym sink on a daily basis?

Following the health code to a sparkling clean sink is very important to keep germs at bay. In the restaurant industry, we see different bacteria when preparing raw food and also various germs entering in and out of public restrooms. Therefore, cleaning the bathroom sinks daily, at the end of every shift, is ideal to maintaining a clean sink. When not properly cleaned, this residue allows a moist areas for more dirt and germs to cling to!- Never a good thing.

Removing soap scum fast is very easy to accomplish and you won’t need pricey spray cleaners or expensive abrasives. Throughout my environmental career, I have seen some of the most toxic cleaners used for the easiest tasks and with a few simple solutions, we can save money and protect our health. That being said, Bon Ami cleaner is the best non-toxic cleaner for removing soap scum fast and efficiently!

How to Remove Soap Scum Fast with Bon Ami Cleaner

Bon Ami does the trick to dissolving and removing soap scum fast in only a few seconds time! This is a wonderful, non-toxic, lime-stone cleaner and your parents probably know well what this product is. Bon Ami is a dirt cheap, unscented cleaner that works great on literally any cleaning task. It even works as an all-natural toilet cleaner and alternative to bleach with removing stains. In fact, after using this product myself I thought “where has this cleaner been all my life?” It is definitely a time saver!

Soap scum occurs by minerals and soap depositing on the sinks surface at the same time. The harder the water, the more soap scum. To avoid this, employee dish washers should be cleaning the sinks on a nightly basis. This task should become a routine and only takes a few minutes of time- steps that should be done anyway and are much worth using an organic soap!

Remove Soap Scum Fast How-To:

Step 1. One shake of Bon Ami into the sink.
Step 2. A quick spread with a damp scrubby sponge.
Step 3. Let sit for a few moments.
Step 4. Rinse and wash away!

Following these steps daily or even a few times a week should remove the soap scum fast and keep it away! Not only that, but it will keep your restaurant sinks sparkling clean with an all-natural sink cleaner that works! To purchase
Bon Ami cleaner click HERE

Remove Soap Scum

Clean Soap Scum Fast!

For more information on how Bon Ami works, check out the company website HERE.

Queen of Green
Saving Money

Saving Money and Time | Got Green Soap

Saving Money with Got Green Soap

Here at GOT GREEN SOAP, we have been “on-the-go” replacing many different brands of soap dispensers. One of the biggest concerns we find, is soap dispensers that are powered by very large batteries. Not only do these batteries need to be replaced on a monthly basis but the process to do so is expensive and a waste of time! Typically, these bulky batteries are around $15 dollars a month to replace which is not “cost effective” for the restaurants I am partnered with. In addition, there is a little trash can symbol with an X on these batteries, letting customers know they cannot be thrown into the garbage. And unfortunately, most fast-paced businesses have no time to dispose of these toxic batteries the correct way. Therefore, they end up piling up in our landfills and have a tendency to “explode” when exposed to heat sources. This does not help with saving money!

How You Can You Begin Saving Money with Got Green Soap?

That being said, we urge all businesses and restaurants to go with the Got Green Organic Soap Dispenser. Our organic wall-mounted soap dispensers use no batteries and the foam disperses smooth and clean with each pump of product. The Got Green soap dispenser also lasts twice as long as any other foam soap out on the market today. This means you can actually begin saving money while using an organic soap! Locally, we sell our cases for $89.24 and one Got Green soap cartridge lasts for three months time. So, for one cartridge ($22), you are spending an average of .24 cents a day on soap! Check out this amazing testimonial from The Couch Tomato Restaurant, who was able to begin saving money by switching to an organic soap dispenser.

Saving Money

Click to Enlarge 🙂

Let’s Review The Benefits of GOT GREEN Soap Below:

– ZERO Battery Usage
– No trips to the store to purchase batteries
– Less labor of removing/replacing batteries
– Saving Time and Money
– Got Green Lasts 2-3x longer than any other foam soap out on the market
– Protects our landfills
– 100% Organic Formula
– No Chemicals being washed down the drain
– Got Green protects our bodies good bacteria
– Essential Oils Boost Immunity
– Keeps the skin moisturized and supple!
– We perform “cost analysis” to your current soap and lower our price if necessary!

In closing, the Got Green Soap dispenser is a much better option when it comes to saving money, time and energy. With Got Green, you will be helping to protect our environment by doing away with battery operated dispensers once and for all! All of our businesses say that after experiencing Got Green Soap, they would never switch back to anything else and for our company- this is a surefire win!

Check out these photos below of a brand we frequently remove. This brand of dispensers is powered by 4 large D batteries which needed to be replaced monthly. Now, with Got Green Soap, my business is able to begin saving money by having a soap cartridge that lasts much longer and without the use of batteries.

Saving Money
Saving Money


To Purchase the smaller 8OZ Got Green for your home, Click HERE

Keep on Greenin’
XO The Got Green TEAM!




Bella MedSpa

Bella MedSpa | Got Green Organic Soap

Today we installed some Got Green Soap at the Bella MedSpa location in Chester Springs, PA. This beautiful spa has seven locations throughout the Philadelphia area. A favorite location of mine is the original location in Chester Springs. This unique and historical building is warm and cozy on the inside and offers “cutting-edge” anti-aging treatments. Bella MedSpa is most famously known for their laser hair removal deals and the customer service goes above and beyond what you would expect!

Here I am below installing the Got Green eco-dispenser. This soap smells so fresh and clean with a luxurious lather!

Bella MedSpa

Hand Soap for Medical Spas

Bella MedSpa is a great example of why I created an organic foam soap that not only moisturizes the hands but protects the health of all medical personnel. Got Green hand soap contains thyme oil, which quickly removes gram-positive bacteria off of the skin’s surface. This soap is also safe to wash with prior to glove use. And, because the Bella Spa focuses on keeping a healthful and tranquil environment, I knew that my soap would be the perfect match for their spa business!

Bella MedSpa
What Does Bella MedSpa Offer?

Bella MedSpa offers a wide variety of services including: Laser hair removal, BOTOX, double-chin reduction, IPL photo facials, laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion and even chemical peels. This spa also offers consultations for both male and female customers and is dedicated to a successful end goal with all the clientele they service.

Bella MedSpa

On the Bella website you can find price listings for laser hair removal packages. In addition, they extend deals you will not find at any other medical practices. Please visit Bella Med Spa Online to Learn More on their offerings! When it comes to anti-aging, this spa is a good name to know!

Natural Antibacterial Soap

Natural Antibacterial Soap | Got Green Organic

Why is a Natural Antibacterial Soap Important?

Got Green natural antibacterial soap is one of the first “healthy” antibacterial soaps to be used in a wall-mounted soap dispenser. At Got Green, I believe in being as healthful as possible, while avoiding all chemicals that can cause harm to our environment!

Got Green’s organic soap does not contain triclosan or other chemical by-products. When we wash our hands, the left over soap flows down the sewer pipes and back into the waterways. First, this water arrives at the water treatment plant but unfortunately, these treatment companies cannot remove all the chemical residue in the water being filtered.

Natural Antibacterial Soap

The question is, when our families sit down to dinner with a tall refreshing glass of water, do we want to strive for clean or contaminated?

If companies use more natural antibacterial soap, we will not keep endangering the health of our world and we can better protect the environment. For example, hospitals world-wide are still currently permitted to use triclosan-based soap products. Yet, the FDA has recalled this chemical for causing cancer. However, these toxic hand soaps are used in health facilities of all places! In my opinion, medical institutions should be assisting to better our health and not threaten it!

Natural Antibacterial Soap

How Can We Make A Change?

By switching to a natural antibacterial soap or by requesting that your company’s distributor pick up the Got Green Hand Soap products- we can start to make a change. It  would be wonderful to see natural antibacterial soap in your movie theater or local grocery store. And once this trend catches on, we can begin to eliminate toxins in the water we drink and bathe in!

Natural Antibacterial Soap

Learn More

To purchase Got Green’s natural antibacterial soap, please click HERE. And to read more on our natural antibacterial soap and the amazing benefits, please visit the main page of our blog for more fun-facts!

Natural antibacterial soap is our future and will help protect the children of the next generations! To help donate to safe drinking water for children, please visit

Organic Foam Soap


“The Best Organic Foam Soap You Will Ever Use!”…

Two years ago, I began to create my own brand of organic foam soap, in hopes that the world would have something safe and 100% natural to use on their skin. If you think about how often soap is used, especially out in public restrooms, you really begin to think about the chemicals involved in these formulas. And also, how the ingredients affect your health and the health of your little ones.

Thankfully, “Got Green?” offers the very first eco-friendly, wall-mounted soap dispenser! This organic foam soap is natural and a less expensive option for businesses. Many restaurant owners run back and forth from the restaurant supply stores wasting time and money. However, NOW, you can purchase the “Got Green?” foam soap dispenser for your business and have your organic foam soap last a very long time! In fact, this formula lasts 2x as long as average soap. So, when you buy one soap cartridge- you are really getting two! 

This organic foam soap and system is really very simple and easy to use.

Once you click an organic foam soap cartridge into the green eco-dispenser, you can let the magic begin! Each “Got Green?” soap cartridge contains 2,500 pumps of product and holds 1000 mL of organic foam soap inside. And surprisingly, this organic foam soap also makes an incredible and natural acne face wash. Essential oil of thyme kills bacteria on the skins surface and when used nightly, your skin will heal and clear up right away! You can consider this product your “natural” Proactive face wash!


Organic Foam Soap

Before you purchase “Got Green’s?” organic foam soap, please read all the facts on our website and learn why a natural wall-mounted soap dispenser is ideal for your business or home bathroom. In addition, even children love Got Green’s eco-friendly wall dispenser and the trendy green push-tab gives them a fun reason to WANT to wash their hands! This idea and design also encourages potty-training to become a breeze! 


1. Purchase the Got Green Eco Dispenser and the Organic Foam Soap refill box.

2. Upon delivery, open your Got Green dispenser and apply to the wall using the screws or the easy adhesive option.

3. Take a filled organic foam soap cartridge and insert this into the green wall-mounted soap dispenser.

4. You may keep this dispenser locked or unlocked. The organic soap dispenser comes with two keys. The longer locking key can insert into the bottom right side or you can choose to have this permanently un-locked by placing the plastic notch into the bottom left.

5. Use as you would any regular foam soap!

Please read our home page for more information on our plant-based foam soap!

Organic Soap Dispenser

Organic Soap Dispenser | “Got Green?” Foam Soap

Organic Soap Dispenser and Wall Mounts for Your Restaurant! 

Are you searching for a healthful, organic soap dispenser? Well, look no further…!

The “Got Green?” organic soap dispenser is just what your restaurant bathroom or business needs! We are the world’s first organic soap dispenser that features a fully recyclable wall-mounted system with a signature green “push-tab”. In addition to this, we also offer organic foam soap cartridges to pop inside for easy use!

Using an organic soap dispenser is a very important aspect of living a natural lifestyle. And, with all the concerns surrounding antibacterial soap and the ingredient triclosan causing cancer, it should be! It’s always disappointing to see a parent lifting their child up to wash hands in a restroom with a completely toxic soap. Un-natural soap brands such as Gojo or Dial are not only dangerous when absorbed into the skin but their ingredients have been clinically proven to cause health problems.

How can using toxic soap harm your health?

Chemicals in soap are more common than you might even imagine! Even brands such as “Eco” Lab contain cancer-causing ingredients. In fact, one of my main inspirations for starting “Got Green?” was to help eliminate the toxins and encourage the use of natural products- especially my organic soap dispenser! Unfortunately, a great number of the chemicals found in soap are the culprit behind causing people to become sick. The soap you use on a daily basis absorbs into you skin and into your blood stream. These chemicals than directly affect your immune system. Even more frightening, some of the ingredients, over time, may cause serious illness. 

So, to avoid all of this, you should always be using a certified organic soap dispenser in your home and at your place of work! To help you identify the above “toxic” ingredients, please read my Top 3 to avoid:

#1. Triclosan: Triclosan is a pesticide. It used to be permitted in hand soap brands because they thought it served as an antibacterial agent. Fast-forward to 2016, and it was recently recalled by the FDA for not only causing people health problems but it was proven to actually not be an effective antibacterial! This ingredient or any other un-natural ingredients like it, actually cause something called “antibacterial resistance”- which encourages the culmination of resilient bacteria that is extremely hard to kill-off.  This is why a natural, certified organic soap dispenser is very important! Natural soap uses essential oils to destroy gram-positive bacteria in a healthy, safe way!

#2. Sodium Laural Sulfate (SLS): Sodium Laural Sulfate is one of the first toxic soap ingredients people hear about when they begin to learn why some shampoos and soaps are bad for you. People wonder why their hair turns gray early in life! Well, let me tell you, this is not always “genetic” but most times due to the body’s inability to handle “toxic load”! When this ingredient bonds with other frequently used soap ingredients, it becomes a carcinogenic nitrosamine. To explain in simpler terms- this ingredient can cause illness in the body. SLS absorbs into the skin very easily and makes the immune system more vulnerable to other toxins. In animal studies, this ingredient also increased the potential to mood disorders.

Pregnant woman should be extremely cautious and avoid the ingredient DEA. This ingredient intefers with your body’s ability to absorb the nutrient choline. Unborn babies need the nutrient choline for proper brain development in the womb. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should avoid this ingredient all-together and be sure to purchase an organic soap dispenser to keep in your bathroom at home! 

Organic Soap Dispenser

What Makes the “Got Green?” Foam Soap Feel So Good?

A wonderful benefit to using Got Green?’s organic soap dispenser is that our formula is 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan. Not only that, but our natural foam soap contains thyme oil, which naturally eliminates germs and bacteria from the skin’s surface. Thymol is a great alternative to triclosan and proven to kill off gram positive bacteria. Another great bonus?- we formulate our soap with organic shea butter! Utilizing this ingredient allows your skin to moisturize as you wash, creating soft, smooth skin for you and your loved ones! 

The “Got Green?” soap has a base of saponified coconut oil mixed with other organic vegetable oils. To this base, CEO Eileen Fedyna adds thymol (to kill the germs), and then incorporates a proprietary essential oil blend of spearmint and lime oils. We have heard that this soap is “the best soap you will ever use!”

To Order the “Got Green?” organic soap dispenser for your restaurant or business: Click here or hop over to our “online store”. Please read more on our website about the benefits of using an organic foam soap and consider replacing your business’s old dispenser with Got Green? organic soap dispenser TODAY!