Carona Virus Soap

Corona Virus Soap and Sanitizer

Corona Virus Soap and Sanitizer… read what is MOST effective against viruses!

As Covid-19 rates increase in the US, there is one sanitizing product critical to keeping viruses and germs away. This item, is a natural, effective hand soap. Respiratory viruses, such as corona, can be spread from our hands. And if a healthy person touches an object that is unclean, the moisture “droplets” of the virus can stay on our hands and enter our bodies. This can happen, especially if we do not wash our hands properly. 

This is why it is so important to use a corona virus soap which will help to effectively sanitize our hands! Washing your hands with a corona virus soap is your #1 defense in protecting the body from viral transfer. And if soap and running water are not available, using 2-in-1 leave-on product that contains Thyme Essential Oil is even better. 

Carona Virus Soap

Why Got Green as a Corona Virus Soap?

Got Green Soap and Sanitizing leave-on is the perfect, organic solution to washing your hands! Simply use 1/2 pump of product on your hands to create a leave-on barrier of protection or a “full pump” for hand wash. The best part of Got Green foam is that it has been tested to reduce bacteria and germs, using thyme essential oil. Alcohol can be drying to the skin, and if it is ethanol based, it becomes dangerous when constantly absorbed into the skin’s surface. Is ethanol hand sanitizer safe? That’s up for debate! It’s made from fermented grains and if it hasn’t been “denatured” it contains toxic impurities. 

Got Green’s foam is a wonderful corona virus soap option, which also doubles as an “organic hand sanitizer”. Got Green is also alcohol-free, while still being 100% effective. Our main ingredient Thymol- has a long history in helping to destroy viruses. Thymol, is a component of thyme essential oil, and can be used successfully as a natural disinfecting product. 

Carona Virus Soap

Helping To Kill the Corona Virus in the Air

Carona Virus Soap

Another wonderful bonus of Got Green Soap, is that the essential oils in the soap penetrate the air to further help guard the body against Covid-19 otherwise known as the corona virus. The Got Green scent infuses the surrounding area and protects the lungs. When this happens, there is less chance that the virus will remain in the air. The foam can be used on the face, hands and body and is recommended for preventative measures.

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