Got Green Thyme Soap – Top 3 Benefits

Thyme Soap by Got Green – The “Thyme” is NOW

Thyme Soap is one of Got Green’s best selling products! Our spearmint-lime infused formula creates a moisturizing barrier on the skin’s surface to protect your hands against bacteria. The best part about Got Green 8oz foaming hand wash, is that it can be used as a “leave-on” product OR you can wash it off when used as a luxurious hand wash. This product leaves your hands feeling so incredibly soft, that you are able to dicontinue using hand lotion!

Got Green Thyme Soap

What is Thymol in our Thyme Soap and How Does It Work?

Thymol contains a naturally occurring phenol, which has been used to treat infections since the early periods of the century. Thyme’s medicinal activity was first discovered by Italian physicians and used to combat the hookworm epidemic. 

I have personally used Thyme Soap to help prevent the spread of scabies and also, Got Green used as a “leave-on” product can help protect against tics as well. If you are prone to getting tics or live in a wooded area, simply spread a thin layer of Got Green thyme soap onto the surface of the skin.  Parasites cannot stand the smell of thyme essential oil and doing this will greatly reduce your chances of tic bites, scabies and lice. I like knowing that I can have a barrier of protection on my skin- especially before shaking peoples hands!

Got Green Thyme Soap

Got Green is a Natural Antibacterial Soap 

Got Green’s thyme soap is a natural antibacterial soap that is great for family environments and those looking for a safe and natural soap alternative. Thymol also works great on fungus, and is the perfect product to handle candida or mold spots on the body. Our customers have said that Got Green helps every skin problem, including facial rashes that were un-resolved until using our spearmint-lime thyme soap.  

Got Green Thyme Soap

Thymol inhibits Candida albicans biofilm formation and mature biofilm.

Got Green is Made with Organic Ingredients 

Got Green is a “wholly” organic foam hand soap which is made with organic ingredients. Even some natural soaps, including some popular name brands, still contain added synthetic ingredients. Organically derived ingredients provide an effective hand washing experience and with a non-toxic, healthful approach!

Got Green Thyme Soap

For more information on our Spearmint-Lime Thyme Soap, please check out the other articles under our blog section. 

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