Vegan Soap Dispenser

Vegan Soap Dispenser | Got Green Soap

Looking for a vegan soap dispenser for your restaurant or healthcare practice? Look no further! 

Got Green Plant-based soap offers a wide variety of vegan soap dispenser options. From our unscented foam soap to refreshing spearmint-lime, these nourishing soaps are made with zero animal by-products and only 100% natural, organic ingredients.
Got Green’s vegan soap dispenser will transform your skin instantly to a “silky-soft” feel that is long lasting— even for days after use. How does this work? 

Got Green soap contains nourishing essential oils that moisturize and heal the skin on the hands. Eileen’s biblical essential oil blend includes the essential oil “Thymol” which is a powerful antioxidant. Thymol not only heals many skin conditions but preserves the skin on the hands, making them appear youthful to reduce all signs of aging. You can call us your “go-to” anti-aging hand soap!

Thymol was also added into the Got Green blend to naturally eliminate all impurities on the skin’s surface. Our soap has been tested by an independent government laboratory for real bacterial reductions and is wonderful to use in the colder weather- to keep bacteria and germs away.

Vegan Soap Dispenser

Here are some more benefits of using a vegan soap dispenser: 

  • No animal fats used to produce this soap 
  • Made with organic shea butter and aloe to soothe and nourish the skin
  • 100% hypoallergenic & gluten-free
  • We offer multiple fragrances and Unscented pure soap 
  • No chemical smells 
  • No cane sugar by-products (some soaps use processed cane sugar) 
  • Our vegan dispenser is sturdy and holds up well

To order our vegan soap dispenser, give us a call! We would be happy to offer you a free vegan soap dispenser with your purchase. HERE

Anti-Aging Hand Soap That Really Works!

Anti-Aging Hand Soap That Really Works!

Anti-aging hand soap that works: This is the REAL deal. 

They say nothing reveals age faster than the look of your hands. Although I am not quick to look at a person’s hands and rather their eyes- I have the solution for you! Anti-aging hand soap…

Got Green soap has been touted as the best anti-aging soap out on the market today. Our patented foam soap contains a special blend of anti-aging essential oils, when activated together, heal and strengthen the skin on your hands. These ingredients increase cell production and cell turn-over. 

When it comes to anti-aging for our hands, we must think about what we do most:

Washing our hands! Aside from the lotion or moisturizer we use to keep our hands looking young, we should really be thinking about what products we use to wash our hands on a daily basis. Regular hand soaps contain drying, harsh ingredients that thin and age the skin. Got Green anti-aging hand soap “re-builds” the skin and keeps the collagen strong.

If you want to have young, fresh looking hands, you need to use an anti-aging hand soap daily to nourish and treat the skin on the hands. The ingredients in Got Green Soap are antioxidant rich. Both the thymol and rosemary ingredients mixed with our essential oils, will actually slow the aging process down and begin to preserve the skin on your hands exactly where it is today.

Anti-Aging Hand Soap

In addition to stopping the aging process, Got Green will make the hands appear younger within several uses. Just look at this recent customer review on our anti-aging hand soap: 

“I used the restroom and discovered your soap. I am 50 and my hands are starting to look old, after using your soap one time, I could not believe how soft my hands felt and how good they looked! I purchased 2 bottles right there at the restaurant. I cannot get over what a difference this product has made with my hands, I swear they look 10 years younger!!”

Anti-Aging Hand Soap

Try our Got Green anti-aging soap today and see how it can transform the skin on your hands! Purchase HERE