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Gluten Free Soap – A Gluten Free Foam Soap for Your Family!

If you are looking for a wonderful and safe gluten free soap, Got Green Soap is your answer!

Why is a Gluten Free Soap Important for Someone Who is Gluten Free?

Many soap products are not only made with toxic chemicals but also produced using wheat enzymes. If you are gluten sensitive and use a soap containing these ceramide wheat ingredients, this can absorb into the skin and cause a reaction. It’s important to use a gluten free soap to protect the health of someone who is a celiac or someone who has developed a wheat allergy.

Besides a Gluten Free Soap, What Else Should You Look for In A Healthy Soap?

Plant Based Ingredients are Important! Using a plant-based soap is safer for your health and also contains vitamins and essential minerals. Let’s not forget, that soap absorbs into the skin on a daily basis so it’s important to use a gluten free soap that is organic as well. Using a pure soap helps our planet in a big way by reducing the use of chemicals and helping to produce less energy.

gluten free soap

What are some other benefits of using a gluten free soap?
• Got Green soap is made with vegetable glycerin and shea butter which keep the hands soft
• Gluten free soap contains natural fats like olive and coconut oils
• Natural soaps have fewer side effects to the body and your health
• Ingredients for a healthy, gluten free soap are more sustainable to foster
• Plant-based soaps contain all natural preservatives
Natural ingredients keep us looking young

To try our Got Green gluten-free soap, hop over to our shop page! You may also watch our videos online to hear more about our products and gluten free “green” mission!

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