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Remove Soap Scum Fast! Here’s how…

Have you ever had trouble removing soap scum from your shower? What about toothpaste build-up on the bathroom sink? Most organically based products or even chemically-based soaps can create a slight build-up over time if not cleaned on a daily basis. Here are my tips to remove soap scum…

Why is it important to clean your restaurant or gym sink on a daily basis?

Following the health code to a sparkling clean sink is very important to keep germs at bay. In the restaurant industry, we see different bacteria when preparing raw food and also various germs entering in and out of public restrooms. Therefore, cleaning the bathroom sinks daily, at the end of every shift, is ideal to maintaining a clean sink. When not properly cleaned, this residue allows a moist areas for more dirt and germs to cling to!- Never a good thing.

Removing soap scum fast is very easy to accomplish and you won’t need pricey spray cleaners or expensive abrasives. Throughout my environmental career, I have seen some of the most toxic cleaners used for the easiest tasks and with a few simple solutions, we can save money and protect our health. That being said, Bon Ami cleaner is the best non-toxic cleaner for removing soap scum fast and efficiently!

How to Remove Soap Scum Fast with Bon Ami Cleaner

Bon Ami does the trick to dissolving and removing soap scum fast in only a few seconds time! This is a wonderful, non-toxic, lime-stone cleaner and your parents probably know well what this product is. Bon Ami is a dirt cheap, unscented cleaner that works great on literally any cleaning task. It even works as an all-natural toilet cleaner and alternative to bleach with removing stains. In fact, after using this product myself I thought “where has this cleaner been all my life?” It is definitely a time saver!

Soap scum occurs by minerals and soap depositing on the sinks surface at the same time. The harder the water, the more soap scum. To avoid this, employee dish washers should be cleaning the sinks on a nightly basis. This task should become a routine and only takes a few minutes of time- steps that should be done anyway and are much worth using an organic soap!

Remove Soap Scum Fast How-To:

Step 1. One shake of Bon Ami into the sink.
Step 2. A quick spread with a damp scrubby sponge.
Step 3. Let sit for a few moments.
Step 4. Rinse and wash away!

Following these steps daily or even a few times a week should remove the soap scum fast and keep it away! Not only that, but it will keep your restaurant sinks sparkling clean with an all-natural sink cleaner that works! To purchase
Bon Ami cleaner click HERE

Remove Soap Scum

Clean Soap Scum Fast!

For more information on how Bon Ami works, check out the company website HERE.

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