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Saving Money with Got Green Soap

Here at GOT GREEN SOAP, we have been “on-the-go” replacing many different brands of soap dispensers. One of the biggest concerns we find, is soap dispensers that are powered by very large batteries. Not only do these batteries need to be replaced on a monthly basis but the process to do so is expensive and a waste of time! Typically, these bulky batteries are around $15 dollars a month to replace which is not “cost effective” for the restaurants I am partnered with. In addition, there is a little trash can symbol with an X on these batteries, letting customers know they cannot be thrown into the garbage. And unfortunately, most fast-paced businesses have no time to dispose of these toxic batteries the correct way. Therefore, they end up piling up in our landfills and have a tendency to “explode” when exposed to heat sources. This does not help with saving money!

How You Can You Begin Saving Money with Got Green Soap?

That being said, we urge all businesses and restaurants to go with the Got Green Organic Soap Dispenser. Our organic wall-mounted soap dispensers use no batteries and the foam disperses smooth and clean with each pump of product. The Got Green soap dispenser also lasts twice as long as any other foam soap out on the market today. This means you can actually begin saving money while using an organic soap! Locally, we sell our cases for $89.24 and one Got Green soap cartridge lasts for three months time. So, for one cartridge ($22), you are spending an average of .24 cents a day on soap! Check out this amazing testimonial from The Couch Tomato Restaurant, who was able to begin saving money by switching to an organic soap dispenser.

Saving Money

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Let’s Review The Benefits of GOT GREEN Soap Below:

– ZERO Battery Usage
– No trips to the store to purchase batteries
– Less labor of removing/replacing batteries
– Saving Time and Money
– Got Green Lasts 2-3x longer than any other foam soap out on the market
– Protects our landfills
– 100% Organic Formula
– No Chemicals being washed down the drain
– Got Green protects our bodies good bacteria
– Essential Oils Boost Immunity
– Keeps the skin moisturized and supple!
– We perform “cost analysis” to your current soap and lower our price if necessary!

In closing, the Got Green Soap dispenser is a much better option when it comes to saving money, time and energy. With Got Green, you will be helping to protect our environment by doing away with battery operated dispensers once and for all! All of our businesses say that after experiencing Got Green Soap, they would never switch back to anything else and for our company- this is a surefire win!

Check out these photos below of a brand we frequently remove. This brand of dispensers is powered by 4 large D batteries which needed to be replaced monthly. Now, with Got Green Soap, my business is able to begin saving money by having a soap cartridge that lasts much longer and without the use of batteries.

Saving Money
Saving Money


To Purchase the smaller 8OZ Got Green for your home, Click HERE

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