Natural Antibacterial Soap

Natural Antibacterial Soap | Got Green Organic

Why is a Natural Antibacterial Soap Important?

Got Green natural antibacterial soap is one of the first “healthy” antibacterial soaps to be used in a wall-mounted soap dispenser. At Got Green, I believe in being as healthful as possible, while avoiding all chemicals that can cause harm to our environment!

Got Green’s organic soap does not contain triclosan or other chemical by-products. When we wash our hands, the left over soap flows down the sewer pipes and back into the waterways. First, this water arrives at the water treatment plant but unfortunately, these treatment companies cannot remove all the chemical residue in the water being filtered.

Natural Antibacterial Soap

The question is, when our families sit down to dinner with a tall refreshing glass of water, do we want to strive for clean or contaminated?

If companies use more natural antibacterial soap, we will not keep endangering the health of our world and we can better protect the environment. For example, hospitals world-wide are still currently permitted to use triclosan-based soap products. Yet, the FDA has recalled this chemical for causing cancer. However, these toxic hand soaps are used in health facilities of all places! In my opinion, medical institutions should be assisting to better our health and not threaten it!

Natural Antibacterial Soap

How Can We Make A Change?

By switching to a natural antibacterial soap or by requesting that your company’s distributor pick up the Got Green Hand Soap products- we can start to make a change. It  would be wonderful to see natural antibacterial soap in your movie theater or local grocery store. And once this trend catches on, we can begin to eliminate toxins in the water we drink and bathe in!

Natural Antibacterial Soap

Learn More

To purchase Got Green’s natural antibacterial soap, please click HERE. And to read more on our natural antibacterial soap and the amazing benefits, please visit the main page of our blog for more fun-facts!

Natural antibacterial soap is our future and will help protect the children of the next generations! To help donate to safe drinking water for children, please visit

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