Organic Foam Soap


“The Best Organic Foam Soap You Will Ever Use!”…

Two years ago, I began to create my own brand of organic foam soap, in hopes that the world would have something safe and 100% natural to use on their skin. If you think about how often soap is used, especially out in public restrooms, you really begin to think about the chemicals involved in these formulas. And also, how the ingredients affect your health and the health of your little ones.

Thankfully, “Got Green?” offers the very first eco-friendly, wall-mounted soap dispenser! This organic foam soap is natural and a less expensive option for businesses. Many restaurant owners run back and forth from the restaurant supply stores wasting time and money. However, NOW, you can purchase the “Got Green?” foam soap dispenser for your business and have your organic foam soap last a very long time! In fact, this formula lasts 2x as long as average soap. So, when you buy one soap cartridge- you are really getting two! 

This organic foam soap and system is really very simple and easy to use.

Once you click an organic foam soap cartridge into the green eco-dispenser, you can let the magic begin! Each “Got Green?” soap cartridge contains 2,500 pumps of product and holds 1000 mL of organic foam soap inside. And surprisingly, this organic foam soap also makes an incredible and natural acne face wash. Essential oil of thyme kills bacteria on the skins surface and when used nightly, your skin will heal and clear up right away! You can consider this product your “natural” Proactive face wash!


Organic Foam Soap

Before you purchase “Got Green’s?” organic foam soap, please read all the facts on our website and learn why a natural wall-mounted soap dispenser is ideal for your business or home bathroom. In addition, even children love Got Green’s eco-friendly wall dispenser and the trendy green push-tab gives them a fun reason to WANT to wash their hands! This idea and design also encourages potty-training to become a breeze! 


1. Purchase the Got Green Eco Dispenser and the Organic Foam Soap refill box.

2. Upon delivery, open your Got Green dispenser and apply to the wall using the screws or the easy adhesive option.

3. Take a filled organic foam soap cartridge and insert this into the green wall-mounted soap dispenser.

4. You may keep this dispenser locked or unlocked. The organic soap dispenser comes with two keys. The longer locking key can insert into the bottom right side or you can choose to have this permanently un-locked by placing the plastic notch into the bottom left.

5. Use as you would any regular foam soap!

Please read our home page for more information on our plant-based foam soap!

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