Organic Soap Dispenser

Organic Soap Dispenser | “Got Green?” Foam Soap

Organic Soap Dispenser and Wall Mounts for Your Restaurant! 

Are you searching for a healthful, organic soap dispenser? Well, look no further…!

The “Got Green?” organic soap dispenser is just what your restaurant bathroom or business needs! We are the world’s first organic soap dispenser that features a fully recyclable wall-mounted system with a signature green “push-tab”. In addition to this, we also offer organic foam soap cartridges to pop inside for easy use!

Using an organic soap dispenser is a very important aspect of living a natural lifestyle. And, with all the concerns surrounding antibacterial soap and the ingredient triclosan causing cancer, it should be! It’s always disappointing to see a parent lifting their child up to wash hands in a restroom with a completely toxic soap. Un-natural soap brands such as Gojo or Dial are not only dangerous when absorbed into the skin but their ingredients have been clinically proven to cause health problems.

How can using toxic soap harm your health?

Chemicals in soap are more common than you might even imagine! Even brands such as “Eco” Lab contain cancer-causing ingredients. In fact, one of my main inspirations for starting “Got Green?” was to help eliminate the toxins and encourage the use of natural products- especially my organic soap dispenser! Unfortunately, a great number of the chemicals found in soap are the culprit behind causing people to become sick. The soap you use on a daily basis absorbs into you skin and into your blood stream. These chemicals than directly affect your immune system. Even more frightening, some of the ingredients, over time, may cause serious illness. 

So, to avoid all of this, you should always be using a certified organic soap dispenser in your home and at your place of work! To help you identify the above “toxic” ingredients, please read my Top 3 to avoid:

#1. Triclosan: Triclosan is a pesticide. It used to be permitted in hand soap brands because they thought it served as an antibacterial agent. Fast-forward to 2016, and it was recently recalled by the FDA for not only causing people health problems but it was proven to actually not be an effective antibacterial! This ingredient or any other un-natural ingredients like it, actually cause something called “antibacterial resistance”- which encourages the culmination of resilient bacteria that is extremely hard to kill-off.  This is why a natural, certified organic soap dispenser is very important! Natural soap uses essential oils to destroy gram-positive bacteria in a healthy, safe way!

#2. Sodium Laural Sulfate (SLS): Sodium Laural Sulfate is one of the first toxic soap ingredients people hear about when they begin to learn why some shampoos and soaps are bad for you. People wonder why their hair turns gray early in life! Well, let me tell you, this is not always “genetic” but most times due to the body’s inability to handle “toxic load”! When this ingredient bonds with other frequently used soap ingredients, it becomes a carcinogenic nitrosamine. To explain in simpler terms- this ingredient can cause illness in the body. SLS absorbs into the skin very easily and makes the immune system more vulnerable to other toxins. In animal studies, this ingredient also increased the potential to mood disorders.

Pregnant woman should be extremely cautious and avoid the ingredient DEA. This ingredient intefers with your body’s ability to absorb the nutrient choline. Unborn babies need the nutrient choline for proper brain development in the womb. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should avoid this ingredient all-together and be sure to purchase an organic soap dispenser to keep in your bathroom at home! 

Organic Soap Dispenser

What Makes the “Got Green?” Foam Soap Feel So Good?

A wonderful benefit to using Got Green?’s organic soap dispenser is that our formula is 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan. Not only that, but our natural foam soap contains thyme oil, which naturally eliminates germs and bacteria from the skin’s surface. Thymol is a great alternative to triclosan and proven to kill off gram positive bacteria. Another great bonus?- we formulate our soap with organic shea butter! Utilizing this ingredient allows your skin to moisturize as you wash, creating soft, smooth skin for you and your loved ones! 

The “Got Green?” soap has a base of saponified coconut oil mixed with other organic vegetable oils. To this base, CEO Eileen Fedyna adds thymol (to kill the germs), and then incorporates a proprietary essential oil blend of spearmint and lime oils. We have heard that this soap is “the best soap you will ever use!”

To Order the “Got Green?” organic soap dispenser for your restaurant or business: Click here or hop over to our “online store”. Please read more on our website about the benefits of using an organic foam soap and consider replacing your business’s old dispenser with Got Green? organic soap dispenser TODAY! 

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